LMT 05 > Beqaa Sefrine - Ehden

Beqaa Sefrine to Ehden - 23 Km North to South Ascent 1406 m | Descent 979 m - Very Difficult

Trail Description
This section of the LMT starts on agricultural roads from Bqaa Safrine guest house and passes cypress and oak forests and then continues across thinly vegetated highlands before reaching the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve. At higher altitudes, this section of the trail is generally covered with snow all winter. The main attractions are scenic overlooks, high altitude plateau, many springs, the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve and the historic towns of Sir ed Danniye and Ehden. This section is only accessible for professional mountain biking.

Lodging in Beqaa Sefrine
Abou Majed Guesthouse (Bqaa Safrine)
Tel: +961 6 490791, +961 3 127124 
Sir grand Hotel (Sir ed Danniyé) 
Tel: +961 3 229 968
Sir Palace Hotel Al Jazzar (Sir ed Danniyé)
Tel:  +961 6 490407

Lodging in Ehden
La Reserve Ehden       
Tel: +961 6 561 092, +961 3 751292
Ehden Country Club
Tel: +961 6 560 651/2/3
Habchi Hotel   
Tel: +961 6 561 101/2
La Mairie (Ehden)
Tel: +961 6 560108

Local Guides
Adel Azaour (Ehden – Ed Danniyé)
Tel: +961 3 731 639

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