Party in Beirut & Lebanon

Recommended Bars & Pubs in Beirut, Lebanon


Simple but intelligent interior design combined with years of experience in serving drinks makes this a very good place for a night out.


Bonavida is your sequel to a good life!


SAX is a total experience, hard to describe, easy to live.


We’re seriously, not that serious. We Are #DSCTK


Creative Cocktail Bar

Recommended Cocktail Bars in Beirut, Lebanon

Radio Beirut

Radio Beirut is the first radio café in the Middle East


Hip pub, great food, live music.

Bar 35

A place where you can share mouthwatering cocktails & snacks and get lucky!


A Nightlife Venue... Like no Other!


Enjoy a night with Mexican ambiance 

Recommended Pubs in Beirut, Lebanon


Fine Mexican food and cocktails in an institution of the Beirut Night-life.

Torino Express

Among the first to open in Gemmayzeh this watering-hole is the quintessential bar.

27 Cafe Pub

27 is a reliable Badaro staple with a casual atmosphere, open taps and a musical twist.  

Recommended Live Music in Beirut, Lebanon

Music Hall

Music Hall is a cabaret-style music hall theater specializing in live entertainment and cultural showbiz. 

East Village

A refined New York dining experience that raises the bar for dining in Badaro

C Lounge

Sunsets over Beirut don't get any better


If you can handle it ... Publicity is a day and night extreme pool festival experience for young, gorgeous, sexy and single party people.


What’s behind door number 2? A stairway to heavenly vibes, fresh cocktails, delicious food and great music. What are you waiting for? Come...

Main street, Hamra

  A staple in the bar scene of Beirut, Main street’s loyal following has followed this bar’s trajectory from Hamra to...

Li Beirut

Charming bar with tiny balcony overlooks Makdisi Street

Rabbit Hole

I will never forget Rabbit Hole, as it was the last stop on my Bachelorette Party


One of the earliest and one of the best bars in Gemmayzeh: Chic Myuers are a well-known crowd who return to this spot again and again for its...

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