LMT 26 > Hasbaiya - Marjaayoun

Hasbaiya to Marjaayoun - 15.6 Km -  North to South Ascent 487 m | Descent 420 m - Challenging 

Trail Description
This southernmost section of the LMT allows for exploration of the historic areas surrounding both Hasbaiya and Marjaayoun.  The beautiful Hasbani river irrigates the vast olive groves around Hasbaiya. The flea market at the Souk el Khan (سوق الخان)  every Tuesday morning is worth a visi and the “hima” of Ibl el Saqi pine forest. The views of Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون)  and the special architecture of the square in Marjaayoun are all highlights of this section of the LMT.

Lodging in Hasbaiya
SOIL (NGO) Guesthouse (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 471269
Wael Chmeiss Guesthouse (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 909 596

Lodging in Marjaayoun
Dana Hotel (Ebel es Saqi)
Tel: +961 3 421333 / +961 7 831000
Monah Saadeh Guesthouse (Ebel es Saqi)
Tel: +961 3 745712

Local Guides 
Wael Chmeiss (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 909 596


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