Art in Beirut

Art Galleries around Beirut, Lebanon

Artspace Hamra

Artspace Hamra is an art gallery and multidisciplinary cultural platform, focused on promoting and supporting modern and contemporary Middle...

Carwan Gallery

The first contemporary design gallery in the Middle East, Carwan Gallery was founded in 2010 by the architects Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and...


A DIY (Do-it-yourself) space that can be whatever you want it to be. The common thread? Art and Creativity, of course!

Recommended Museums in Beirut, Lebanon


"... a peripheral and industrial location making Marfa’ effectively the first gallery in this part of Beirut."

Beaufort Castle

A symbol of Lebanese resistance to Israeli invasion-turned touristic landmark, the Beaufort fortress has newly re-opened to the public and is a...

Beirut National Museum

No visit to Beirut is complete without a visit to the National Museum: beautifully renovated, it houses some of Lebanon’s- and the...

Damour silk factory

Breathtaking abandoned silk factory amidst banana plantations on the shores of Damour: do not miss this landmark only locals know about! (until...

Arts & Culture Features in Beirut, Lebanon

Interview with Yazan Halwani

Lebanese street art prodigy on capturing the imagination of a younger Lebanese generation and gaining the world's attention while he...

Rania Zaghir

A Veritable Book Magician  Lebanese writer and children's book publisher Rania Zaghir

Interview with Roula Dfouni

“ I choose to be a brand” “ I can cry at the movies and lead a successful business team!” “I never...

Interview with Lara Zankoul

Lebanese Photoshop prodigy and creator of surrealist dreamscapes Lara Zankoul is here to answer your questions.

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