LMT 09 > Harsoun - Tannourine el Faouqa

Harsoun to Tannourine el Faouqa - 20.6 Km North to South Ascent 1146 m | Descent 1778 m - Very Difficult

Trail Description
This section of the LMT begins in the well-preserved village of Hasroun and climbs up to the orchards and open country above the villages of Dimane, Brissat (بريسات ), and Hadath el Jebbe. It then crosses the high open country that leads to the cedar forest of Tannourine before dropping into the rocky valleys that find their way to Tannourine el Faouqa.  The entire area is covered by snow in winter and can be explored with snowshoes. Highlights include Mar Laba Church in Hasroun, the Tannourine Cedars nature reserve, fruit orchards and scenic panoramas in all directions. A 9-km dirt road from Hasroun to the Tannourine Cedar Reserve is suitable for biking.

Lodging in Hasroun
Karam Hotel (Bazaoun)
Tel: +961 6 590117, +961 3 244280
Green Hotel (Hasroun)
Tel: +961 6 590180
St. Philippe Hotel (Hasroun)
Tel: +961 6 590050
Palace Hotel (Hasroun)
Tel: +961 6 590115

Lodging in Tannourine El Faouqa
Georges Sarkis Harb Guesthouse (Tannourine el Faouqa)
Tel: +961 3 679 055 / +961 6 500 007
Hotel Barakat (Hadet ej Jobbé)
Tel: +961 6 977134
Deir Houb (Monastry) (Tannourine el Faouqa)
Tel: +961 6 500220
Soon: Eco lodge of the Cedars.

Local Guides
Georges Sarkis Harb Guesthouse (Tannourine el Faouqa)
Tel: +961 3 679 055 / +961 6 500 007
Challita Tanios Harb (Tannourine)
Tel: 961 3 223428
Georges Zougeib (Hadet ej Jobbé)
Tel: +961 70 105546
Pierre Germanos  (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 3 378403

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