LMT 17 > Falougha - Ain Zhalta

Falougha to Ain Zhalta - 15.4 Km - North to South Ascent 563 m | Descent 664 m - Challenging

Trail Description
This section of the LMT crosses the main Beirut-Damascus highway before passing the Mghiti plain and parallels the high peaks of the Lebanon mountain range above the relatively large towns of Ain Dara and Ain Zhalta.  The hiker will see cedar trees near Falougha and Bmahrai (بمهريه) .  The main highlights of this section are the scenic views of the Lamartine valley, the village square in Bmahrai and the water spring and pine forest at Nabeh Safa (نبع الصفا) .  There is plenty of snow in the winter but for the most part, the area remains accessible. This entire section is suitable for biking. 

Lodging in Falougha
Soha Village (Falougha)
Tel: +961 5 531694
Hotel el Rami (Falougha)
Tel: +961 5 53169

Lodging in Ain Zhalta
Hussam el Eid Guest house (Ain Zhalta)
Tel: +961 3 217299
MFDCL Ecolodge & Campsite (Ramliye)
Tel: +961 5 280430
Wajdi El Zouer  Guesthouse
Tel: +961 70 235453

Local Guides 
Marwan Khodr (Ain Dara)
Tel: +961 5 305895, +961 70 252762
Call Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve
Tel: +961 5 502230 / +961 3 217299



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