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The Coast of Lebanon

SECRETS OF BEIRUT - AKA SOBEIRUT - is an online culture and leisure guide for Beirut and Lebanon.  The content is a collaboration of several local writers making suggestions based on their own personal cultural and travel experiences in Lebanon. Feel free to comment on any of the pages on this site to support or object with the reviews submitted and be part of our community of contributors that hope to show the world the hype side of this city and country.

Lebanon's biggest industries are Banking, Real Estate and what we will be focusing on, Tourism.  Even during the civil war Tourism was always an integral part of the economy.  With all the violence that has affected this little country, there's something about the importance of the Lebanese Joie de Vivre that has no equal anywhere in the world. It's not all the time, we get depressed and upset also.  But we get over this by doing something fun with friends and family and many authentic Lebanese businesses are catering for this on a very high level.

Many Lebanese who travelled the world, have returned and opened businesses that fall under the culture and leisure category, and it is our intention to unravel these places for travellers to enjoy as much as the locals.  We're reviewing Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Shows, Art, Sport & Retail attractions and anything that might bring a little sunshine to someone's life.

Monsif - Bejje

We know very well that we've not covered everything.  We haven't launched so long ago ! If you would like to help us though, you can send any suggestions from the Add section of the site and we'll work as quickly as possible to get it reviewed and made live. 

We are also counting on and looking forward to receiving feedback on how we can improve, what we've done wrong and what we've done horribly wrong, so if you have any constructive criticism or suggestions please send us a message through the contact page.

Finally, if you are interested in keeping up to date on all cultural activities happening in Beirut and Lebanon, we suggest that you subscribe and select your content preferences so you can be notified whenever something you're interested in is made live on the site.

So thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the site as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

Wishing you a great time in Lebanon

Secrets of Beirut - SOBEIRUT

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