Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secrets of Beirut?

SOBEIRUT aims to present the best there is of Lebanon in the areas of Sleep, Food & Drink, Nightlife, Outdoors & Sports, Art & Culture and general Activities as curated by a committee of contributors.

What if I disagree with a listing ?

We welcome your comments and if a listing is wrong please use the 'Report' link beneath the area map. You must be logged to report content or you may use the contact form above.

Why have you done this guide ?

We felt let down with what was available online to represent all that is good to do in Beirut and Lebanon so we set about building something that is all encompassing. Over time we hope to make this platform the most useful travel guide in the world and eventually apply it to other cities and countries.

I would like to write or contribute content for SOBEIRUT ?

Please consider submitting a Venue or Event after you've SUBSCRIBED. We currently have over 20 Freelance contributors and are actively looking for more before we settle on a full time staff to cover our 3 main content types: Venues, Events & Features.

I know all the places you've listed, where are the Secrets ?

We're trying really hard to please everyone but it's impossible. If you know all the places and events listed then maybe you're someone who can contribute to SOBEIRUT. You can add your own venues and events using the links below but you have to be a subscriber.

I want to partner with SOBEIRUT, who do I speak with ?

You can call the One World Office at 01-348648 or if your request is advertising related then please visit the advertising page

Why selecting "Near me" gives me a red exclamation and does not allow me to select it?

You need to have location services activated on your device and allow our site to detect your current location when prompted.

I have blocked access to my location previously but want to allow now, what can I do?

You have to clear your browser preferences for our website. Find help to allowing location on Google Chrome, Safari on Mac or iOSFirefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.

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