LMT 04 > Kfar Bnine - Beqaa Sefrine

Kfar Bnine to Beqaa Sefrine - 16.2 Km North to South Ascent 938 m | Descent 1095 m - Difficult

Trail Description
The trail in this section starts in Kfar Bebnine and ends in Beqaa Safrine (بقاع صفرين ), with the added possibility of a visit to the historic town of Sir ed Danniyé. The trail is about evenly divided between irrigation canals, unpaved agricultural roads, footpaths and paved roads. Some parts of this section are difficult to reach in winter due to snow.  Highlights include orchards, a high-altitude spring, unique rock formations and scattered juniper forests.

Lodging in Kfar Bebnine 
Abdel Hamid Saade Tel: +961 70 512613

Lodging in Beqaa Sefrine
Sir grand Hotel (Sir ed Danniyé) 
Tel: +961 3 229 968
Abou Majed Guesthouse (Bqaa Safrine)
Tel: +961 6 490791, +961 3 127124
Sir Palace Hotel Al Jazzar (Sir ed Danniyé)
Tel:  +961 6 490407

Local Guides
Adel Azaour (Sir ed Danniyé)
Tel: +961 3 731 639
Khaled El Sayed (Kfar Bebnine)
Tel: +961 70 387139

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