LMT 22 > Jezzine to Aaitanit

Jezzine to Aitanit - 16 Km -  North to South Ascent 837 m | Descent 814 m - Difficult

Trail Description
This section of the LMT starts in Jezzine and follows a long foot path through a valley and then over the main range of mountains into the Bekaa valley (سهل البقاع) .  There are occasional forests along the way, as well as panoramic views toward Niha, Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون) , and Lake Qaraoun (بحيرة القرعون) .  The trail also passes interesting geological formations, and an oak forest with some very old trees. Few springs on the way.

Lodging in Jezzine
Iris Flower Hotel (Jezzine)
Tel: +961 70 449305
Rizk Plaza Motel (Jezzine)
Tel: +961 7 781066
Elie Ghanem Guesthouse (Bkassine)
Tel: +961 3 473018
Deir el Saydeh (Machmouche)
Tel: +961 7 800001
Maroun Ghanem Guesthouse (Qaitoule)
Tel: +961 3 966484

Alternative lodging in Aana village
Faysal el Halabi
Tel: +961 8 566578 - +961 3 330413

Local Guides 
Salim Karam (Jezzine)
Tel: +961 3 364987
Habib El Helou (Jezzine)
Tel: +961 3 720774

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