LMT 03 > Qemmamine - Kfar Bnine

Qemmamine to Kfar Bnine - 9 km  North to South Ascent 1091 m | Descent 744 m - Extreme

Trail Description
The trail in this section of the LMT uses mostly footpaths along forested hillsides. It is accessible all year, but you might not meet many people along the way except in Qemmamine at the start and Kfar Bebnine at the end of the trail since it is a remote area where you might find some shepherds on the way. The dramatic Jehannem valleys (وادي جهنم ) with its deep gorges and high peaks, oak, juniper and brutia pine forests are the main highlights. One permanent spring at the middle of the trail.

Lodging in Qemmamine
Hussein Abou Draa Guesthouse (Qemmamine)
Tel: +961 3 817 312
Ali Issa Guesthouse (Qemmamine) 
Tel: +961 6 825854, +961 70 422453
Abou Moustapha guest house
Tel: +961 3 148668

Lodging in Kfar Bnine 
Abdel Hamid Saade Tel: +961 70 512613

Local Guides
Mohamed Taleb (Qemmamine)
Tel: +961 70 937284
Hussein Abu Draa (Qemmamine) 
Tel: +961 3 817312

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