LMT 25 > Rachaiya - Hasbaiya

Rachaiya el Ouadi to Hasbaiya - 22.7 Km -  North to South Ascent 1020 m | Descent 1516 m - Very Difficult

Trail Description
This section of the LMT starts in Rachaiya and boasts the most beautiful footpath in the southern section of the LMT. The towns of Rachaiya & Hasbaiya are both major hubs in the south, and offer ample opportunities for exploration. The trail flanks Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون) , passes interesting rock formations and an oak forest, the shrine at Nabi She’et (مقام النبي شئت) , and a cave at Ain Tinta (عين تنتا)  before reaching Hasbaiya. Few springs are on this section and a 3-km footpath from Ain Atta to Khalwat el Kfair is suitable for biking.
 Map of section (incl. elevation profile) (as picture) 
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Lodging in Rachaiya el Ouadi
Kamal El Sahili Guesthoue (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
Tel: +961 3 615 702
Mahdi Fayek Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
Tel: +961 3 963378
Roula Said Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Ouadi)
Tel: +961 8 595476
Esber Esber Guesthouse (Rachaiya el Foukhar)
Tel: +961 3 643859
Kassem Kaadan Guesthouse (Chebaa)
Tel: +961 3 832702

Lodging in Hasbaiya
SOIL (NGO) Guesthouse (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 471269
Wael Chmeiss Guesthouse (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 909 596

Local Guides 
Mehdi El Fayik (Rachaiya)
Tel: +961 3 963378
Wael Chmeiss (Hasbaiya)
Tel: +961 3 909 596


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