LMT 14 > Kfardebiane - Baskinta

Kfardebiane to Baskinta - 23 Km -  North to South Ascent 865 m | Descent 830 m - Difficult 

Trail Description
This section of the LMT starts in the village of Kfar Aaqab and passes through a pine forest and the nearby villages of Ouadi el Karm (وادي الكرم) , Machraa (المشرع) , and Ain el Qabou (عين القبو) . The trail then heads to high country at Jreid Bakish (جريد باكيش)  where the trail parallels an impressive wall of cliffs. Ahead of you is the treeless peak of Mount Sannine (جبل صنين)  which merits a visit. The trail then drops down into the town of Baskinta itself where lodging is available.  The main highlights are: pine forests, the church of Notre Dame des Eclaireurs, and the spectacular views of Mount Sannine and the surrounding valley. In this section, the following segments are bike friendly:
5-km dirt road from Jreid Bakish to Shakhroub
Baskinta Literary Trail, a 24-km mix of asphalt and dirt roads

Lodging in Kfar Aaqab
Auberge Beity (Mazraat Kfardebiane)
Tel: +961 3 214871
Coin Vert (Farayia)
Tel: +961 9 321556

Lodging in Baskinta
Mar Sassine Convent (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 4 288030
Hobeika guest house (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 3 451113
Monte Sannine (Sannine)
Tel: +961 4 251122
Tebechrani Guest house (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 7 379354

Local Guides 
Nader Tebeshrani (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 4 250055 / +961 70 739354
Carole Akl (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 3 825068
George Hobeika (Baskinta)
Tel: +961 3 451113

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