LMT 02 > Tashea - Qemmamine

Tashea to Qemmamine - 24 km - North to South Ascent 560 m | Descent 1034 m - Difficult 

Trail Description
To start this section of the Lebanon Mountain Trail, retrace your steps to an area above the village of Tashea where the trail divides, the location is called “el Shahda”. The trail follows unpaved agricultural roads for around 1km to climb a cliff on a trail to the Qammoua (القموعة ) plateau and through the Qammoua forest, much of which is a protected nature reserve. Although accessible all year, this section is remote.  You are only likely to meet other people on these roads between April and October.  Forests of juniper, cedar, and fir, rivers and deep valleys are the main highlights.  There is also a wild iron oak forest near Fnaideq, and an extensive pine forest between Mishmish and Qemmamine.  You will have views of some of Lebanon’s highest peaks -- Jabal Arouba (جبل عروبة ) to the east and to the south Jabal el Mekmel (جبل المكمل ), and Qornet es Saouda (القرنة السوداء ). With an altitude of 3088 m, Qornet es Saouda is Lebanon’s highest peak. In this section, a 19-km dirt road from the Qammoua plateau to Qemmamine is suitable for biking. More than 5 permanent springs are waiting for you.

Lodging in Tashea
Mishmish Hotel (Mishmish - Aakkar)
Tel: +961 3 335 538
Abou Marwan Guesthouse
Tel: +961 6 895 661
Deir Mar Jerjes, Pere Salloum
Tel: +961 3 810355

Lodging in Qemmamine
Hussein Abou Draa Guesthouse (Qemmamine)
Tel: +961 3 817 312
Ali Issa Guesthouse (Qemmamine) 
Tel: +961 6 825854, +961 70 422453
Abou Moustapha guest house
Tel: +961 3 148668

Local Guides
Nazih Kamar eddine
Tel: + 3 335538
Mohamad El Kik (Fnaideq)
Tel: +961 3 526 110, +961 6 895 601
Ahmed El Kik (Fnaideq) 
Tel: +961 70 413681
Hussein Abu Draa (Qemmamine)
Tel: +961 3 817312
Mohamed Taleb (Qemmamine)
Tel: +961 70 937284

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