LMT 07 > Wadi Qannoubine - Bcharre

Wadi Qannoubine to Bcharre - 13.3 Km North to South Ascent 722 m | Descent 162 m - Difficult

Trail Description
This section allows hikers to explore in detail the monuments and nature of the Ouadi Qannoubine, one of the two major valleys that form the Qadisha Valley (وادي قاديشا ) World Heritage site.  Ouadi Qannoubine is readily accessible all year long. It is deeply revered by tourists and pilgrims alike. Main highlights include monasteries, chapels and hermitages cut into the rock face of the valley.  The river that carves out the floor of the valley has water flowing only in the springtime. The views east toward the high peaks of the Lebanon mountains and the ancient stand of cedar trees above Bcharre are spectacular. 

Lodging in Ouadi Qannoubine

Charbel El Qadi Guesthouse (Ouadi Qannoubine)
Tel: +961 3 489579
Monastery St Antonios Qizhayia (Ouadi Qozhaiya)
Tel: +961 6 995 504 
Qadicha Inn (Ouadi Qannoubine)
Tel:+961 3 683007
Saydet Qannoubine lodge (Ouadi Qannoubine)

Lodging in Bcharre
St. Therese Marointe Sisters (Hadchit)
Tel: +961 6 645365
Tiger House (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 3 378138
L'Aiglon (Becharre)
Tel: +961 6 671529
Chbat Hotel (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 6 672672
Bauhaus hostel (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 3 329294

Local Guides
Georges Zougeib (Hadet ej Jobbé)
Tel: +961 70 105546
Joe Rahme (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 6 678999 / +961 3 832060
Pierre Germanos , (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 3 378403

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