LMT 23 > Aaitanit - Kaokaba Bou Arab

Aaitanit to Kaoukaba Bou Arab - 15.3 Km -  North to South Ascent 716 m | Descent 624 m - Difficult

Trail Description
The main highlight of this section of the trail is crossing the dam at Lake Qaraoun (بحيرة القرعون) . The trail then leads you through open country in the southern reaches of the Bekaa valley (سهل البقاع)  with spectacular views of Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون)  to the east. In this section, the following segments are bike friendly: 
5-km dirt road from Aaitanit to Qaraoun lake 
5-km dirt road segment in Majdel Balhiss

Alternative lodging in Aana village
Faysal el Halabi
Tel: +961 8 566578 - +961 3 330413

Lodging in Kaoukaba Bou Arab
No lodgings

Local Guides 
Nizar Meghames (Kaoukaba Bou Arab)
Tel: +961 3 827109


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