LMT 16 > El-Mtein - Falougha

El Mtein to Falougha - 14.7 Km -  North to South Ascent 934 m | Descent 909 m - Difficult  

Trail Description
This section of the LMT begins in the beautiful village square of El Mtain which is well worth visiting.  The trail crosses the upper reaches of the valley that forms part of the Beirut river, mostly on agricultural roads through pine forests.  The main highlights are the square in El Mtain, the old bridge at Mchika (جسر مشيخا ), the Roman bridge in Bzibdine (جسربزبدين ), the serail in Qornayel, World War II army trenches, the valley of Lamartine, and springs under the spectacular views of Jebel el Kneisseh جبل الكنيسة) ).  In this section, the following segments are bike friendly: 
4-km dirt road from El Mtain Square to Mchikha
A6-km dirt road through the pine forest from Qornayel to Falougha

Lodging in El Mtain
Qontar Guesthouse (El Mtain)
Tel: +961 4 295043, +961 3 236062
Hidden Valley (Bzibdine)
Tel: +961 4 542878
Nature Land (Bzibdine)
Tel: +961 3 784246

Lodging in Falougha
Soha Village (Falougha)
Tel: +961 5 531694
Hotel el Rami (Falougha)
Tel: +961 5 531690

Local Guides 
Joseph Lteif (Falougha)
Tel: +961 3 807837
Walid Rached (El Mtain)
Tel: +961 3 686220

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