LMT 12 > Afqa - Chabrouh

 Afqa to Chabrouh - 18.2 Km - North to South Ascent 806 m | Descent 748 m - Difficult

Trail Description
After leaving Afqa cave the trail climbs on the left gradually again in the juniper forest to the ridge line above the villages of Lassa and Qamez.  After following the ridge line for a long distance in a westerly direction, the trail leaves the Nahr Ibrahim (نهر ابراهيم ) watershed, and drops down toward the village of Hrajel (حراجل ). At higher altitudes, the trail crosses mostly dry rocky terrain over a long distance cliff.  As the trail drops to lower altitudes it passes orchards and pastureland. In this section, the trail consists mostly of agricultural roads. A 10-km dirt road from Afqa cave to Nabeh el Hadid is bike friendly. More than three springs are on the way.

Lodging in Afqa
Chal Cooperative Guesthouse (Lassa)
Tel: +961 9 260605
La Reserve Afqa (Afqa)
Tel: +961 1 498775, +961 3 727484

Lodging in Hrajel
Mount Smash Club (Hrajel)
Tel: +961 9 922399 / +961 3 928505
Hotel Montana (Mairouba)
Tel: +961 3 799522

Local Guides 
Naaim Mhanna (Mazraat Kfardebiane)
Tel: +961 70 941573
Elias Khalil
Tel: +961 70 939269

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