Rafting Squad

They'll give you a great ride !

2010 marks Rafting Squad Director's12th season rafting the Assi River.  Nour is hand-picked by all his loyal fans for his professional, maturity and experience.Due to the nature of Assi River and our high standards, we only place you in the care of the best.

Additionally, Nour is surrounded by a professional team! Did we mention our Team Rocks?

That's right, we're not afraid to say it! Our guides are fun, informative and keen to share their love of the river with you! Not to mention, they'll give you a great ride

The average age of our guides is 27 years of age, with an average of 6 years guiding experience--ensuring life experience and river expertise. Our Guides are serious about the work they do, and receive annual in-house training from Nour and French experts. They are all certified and hold First Aid Certificates.

Our CampThe Rafting Squad camp is 5000 sqm on the Assi River and it consists of the following (All grand new 2010!): Kitchen facilities, outdoor restaurant, 2 Junior-suites, Canadian tents, Bedouin tent, 08 separated restrooms, handicap toilets, shower facilities, playing court, parking lot.

Resume of the Orontes!

THE Orontes (El-Assi) was anciently the chief river of Syria, also called Draco, Typhon and Axius. The last was a native form, from whose revival, or continuous employment in native speech, has preceded the modern name Assi ("rebel"), which is variously interpreted by Arabs as referring to the streams impetuosity, to its unproductive channel, or to the fact that it flows away from Mecca!.

The Orontes rises in the great springs of Ain El Zarka and Deffesh on the side of the Bekaa Valley, very near the fountains of the southward-flowing Litani, and it runs due north, parallel with the coast, and falling 2000 feet through a rocky gorge!Then it flows northwards across western Syria through the cities of Homs and Hama, reaching the Mediterranean Sea near Antakya in southern Turkey! .

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Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming & camping by the Assi river in Bekaa Valley.

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