Phoenician wall

A beautiful historical landmark on the coast of the city of Batroun

A coastal town in North Lebanon, Batroun is located nearly 50 km from Beirut. Considered to be one of the most important towns during the Phoenician period, it is rich in historical landmarks to be visited. One such landmark is the Phoenician Wall.

The Wall is thought to be the inspiration for the town’s name by some historians. Batroun is thought to come from the Arabic word “bater” meaning to cut. This is in reference to the wall “cutting” the sea to protect Batroun from potentially destructive tidal waves.

Spreading across 225 meters and measuring around 1.5 meter in width, it is an impressive structure that will leave you in awe of the town’s heritage. Its remains have stood the test of time and offer a prime viewing opportunity for all who are interested in a little culture amidst beautiful surroundings. While parts of wall have crumbled, it remains surprisingly well preserved.

The nearby church, the church of “Our Lady of the Sea” is another landmark that can be admired on the same trip. A small Greek Orthodox Church built on the edge of the sea; it boasts vaulted ceilings, stonewalls and mostly a precious serenity that can only be found in forgotten spiritual places.




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