Chez Maguy

Seafood fresh from the Mediterranean and into your plate: Chez Maguy is a home away from home beachfront experience with an international reputation

Let’s be clear, you will either love Chez Maguy or you will hate it. Either way, you will be passionate about it. Though present for almost three decades now, Chez Maguy has only recently been the talk of the town.

Located in an old alley on the inner roads of Batroun, the place is an old house-turned-restaurant overlooking the ocean through a small but charming terrace. In addition to its cozy outdoor dining area is an indoor dining room with colorful furnishings similarly overlooking the sea. The owner, Maguy, is a diver, a fisherwoman and a widow who has been catching her own fish and cooking it for years. On the advice of many satisfied friends and family, she turns her home into a business and the rest is history. Written about in the New York Times, Le Figaro, Paris Match and others, it is not surprising to note the place is usually booked days if not weeks in advance for peak dates. Do not expect anything fancy. This is an unpretentious establishment that banks on charming sea views and fresh seafood. Maguy herself is a generous joyful woman but the limited staff and the service is hit-or-miss.

Similarly, the food is somewhat of a coin toss: while you can taste the ocean – in a great way- in some of the dishes, others fail to impress. While the prices are reasonable compared to other restaurants along the same coast, the quantities served can disappoint and prompt second or even third orders. You will hear mixed reviews about Chez Maguy; we suggest you head there and make up your own mind. 

Who goes? Everyone
Cuisine Lebanese Seafood
Food Restaurants
Other Casual Dining Great Views Shisha

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