Sunset touristic walk & Opera Night @VillaParadisoBatroun

Feel the combination of the deep Batroun history, Art, Opera & Sunset

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Join us on 25th of June for a very unique event. Our evening will start with a magical sunset tour in the old city of batroun, and we end it in the lovely Villa Paradiso for a night of opera with countertenor Michel Bou Rjeily.

Can you feel the combination of the deep Batroun history, Art, Opera & Sunset? this is the first event of its kind in Batroun so be many.

The tour itself takes about 2.5 hours, don't worry you will not get bored; we are experts in showing off our lovely city .

Place to visit :

-Batroun Old Souks
-Batroun Sea Port
-Lady of the Sea Chapel
-The famous Phoenician Wall
- The Roman Theater Batroun
-Lemonade Break
-St Steven Church
-Bahsa Gulf
-St Georgios Church
-Beer Tour
-Villa Paradiso for Opera

Meeting point : Villa Paradiso Batroun @ 5:30 pm

You can reserve for the event by calling
Routes (Anthony ) 76-338762

Event Participation Fees : 50.000 LBP

Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 20.

The price includes the following:
-Walking tour
-Batroun guided tour
-Beer Tour (colonel beer)
-Opera Night
-Cold water
-One Glass of Alcohol

-Lunch optional you pay what you eat

Last minute cancellation is 50% of fee charge

Confirmation on Facebook will not be taken into consideration!
Kindly confirm your participation by calling the listed number.

Every participant assumes all possible risks and is responsible for his own safety and security. We are not responsible for any damage or injury that may take place in this event.

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