A special dance for every color, a special color for every season. In short, a unique Color Music Festival

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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”
-Alan Watts

If this quote doesn't intrigue you and make you think "spot-on", we don't know what will! Starting the summer 2015, Colonel Beer Brewery in Batroun will celebrate the ever-changing nature of our souls and the spaces we occupy with its unique Color Music Festival.  GreenFest is the first installment of a series of color festivals which will dedicate artistic exhibitions in harmony with nature’s manifestations. On June 18th, Greenfest will be featuring the following six live acts performing the wildest, jazziest and most reggae tunes to kick off the summer season at Colonel: Xango, Rasta Beirut, Preter and Naji, Piccadilly, Camil Merhy and Segundo Bloco. The festival will also feature live graffiti acts to expand your sensory experience with the following artists:Trüni, Firas, WYTE and ABE. Last but not least, a DJ set with G-Phunk will  spice up your summer mood. Tickets at 20$/person including 1 large lager Beer. Cheers!

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