Canadiana: The Battle of the Bands

In search of the best cover-band of Canadian artists in Lebanon

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Canadiana: The Battle of the Bands
In collaboration with Colonel Brewery, and as part of the Celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of the confederation, the Embassy of Canada to Lebanon in Beirut is pleased to invites you to participate to our Canadiana: The Battle of the Bands series of events. 

Canadiana: the Battle of the Bands will allow for the impressive musical talents of local bands to showcase the Canadian music scene in Lebanon and aims to identify the best cover-bands of Canadian artists in Lebanon. After the selections during regular Friday concerts at the Colonel Brewry, the two winning bands to be selected during Canadiana: The Battle of the Bands event on May 19 will get the opportunity to perform during Canada Day reception on July 1st 2017.  

Friday May 19th 2017: Canadiana: the Battle of the Bands - The grand finale

Come join us at the colonel brewery for the grand finale of the Battle of the Bands!  Following the selection process starting Wednesday, March 15 (see below), the pre-selected bands will be performing a minimum of three songs from Canadians artists and bands during the closing Canadiana event, at the Colonel Brewery, before a panel of judges composed of known individuals from the Lebanese music industry, the Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon. During this evening of Canadian music, the public joining us will have the opportunity to win prizes offered by the Embassy of Canada to Lebanon.  To add to this celebration of Canadian culture, Colonel Brewery will also be featuring a maple-flavored beer in addition to your favorite Colonel brews. 

But be aware, you will need to get ready to sing along and dance to your favorite Canadian songs!

Starting March 15: the selections, in partnership with Colonel Brewery

The enter the selection process, bands will be required to perform 2 songs form their favorites Canadian artists and bands, from the list of Canadian artists below. You may also follow our Facebook page (link) to see some video clips of various Canadian artists and bands over the coming weeks. 

And they will be scheduled at the Colonel brewery in Batroun during the regular Friday concerts organized by the Colonel!

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