Wael Kfoury at Batroun Festival 2017

Al Batroun Festival 2017

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About Wael:
Born in Zahle, Lebanon; after winning the Studio El Fan music competition, Wael had a first successful single in "Ma Wa'adtak bi Njoum el Leyl", immediately followed by "Meen Habeebi Ana", a duo with another Studio El Fan winner Nawal Al Zoghbi.

Wael Kfoury signed with the Music Box music label and released three albums in 1994, 1995 and 1996 with the label, and that year was chosen as Best Singer in Lebanon.

Besides winning the gold medal in Studio El Fan in his freshman year, Wael Kfoury has won many Lebanese and pan-Arab awards. He won the Murex Lebanese Award for Best Male Singer in 2001 and Murex Best Artist and Best Single in 2004, followed the same year by the Golden Lion award for Best Video Clip at the Cairo Festival against strong competition from Egyptian singer Amr Diab. Kfoury also won the Best Artist Award at the Murex 2006 for the 4th time.

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