SWAT Shooting Club

Gun therapy does work ! 

Located about 70KM North of Beirut close Tripoli, you can learn how to handle yourself with a gun by trained professionals in a custom built environment by trained specialists.  Swat also provides archery lessons and training, no equipment necessary. 

Sport Archery Shooting

Swat Shooting Club is a unique shooting club in Lebanon. Being the first to open in North Lebanon, SWAT club offers 3 activities to its members and visitors: Indoor Pistol Shooting: SWAT Club designed and implemented its shooting range according to international specifications and is equipped with the most advanced German-made equipment in this domain. Professional Trainers are ready to assist and train all types of clients from beginners to competition level shooters. However, the adrenaline rush and excitement is, without doubt, the common aspects all shooters will encounter. American Trap Shooting & Sporting: The stunning yet relaxing view and the environment are only disturbed by the shots of enthusiastic clay target shooters training for perfection. This sport has shown rising Lebanese interest in the last decade. Bow & Arrow: Being one of the first hunting and target shooting method in history. SWAT Club has decided to introduce this sport to all clients willing to experience the combination of muscle power & accuracy. Our trainer, the Lebanese archery champion, Jihad Toukan is present to provide training sessions on demand. PCP air gun range 

SWAT Shooting Club video

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