Orchid Beach Resort

“Luxury redefined” That’s the Orchid Beach Resort’s creed and they live by it!

When Orchid Beach Resort opened a few years back, it promised to offer a new concept in beach resorts. Fast-forward to the present and we would say it certainly delivered. Still one of the top beach destinations on the resort-studded Jiyyeh shores of South Lebanon, Orchid was able to set new standards for a luxurious beach experience, which have come to be somewhat of a benchmark. This is the trendy beach in Jiyyeh. Don’t go there if you’re looking for a laid-back casual day-out, specially if you have kids. This is an adult-only resort where you pre-book your sun-bed and towel, flaunt your sun-kissed beach body in a tiny winy bikini and sip deliciously fresh Pina Coladas while you shamelessly engage in people-watching.
Get the picture? This is not your water-bomb, water games or -dare-we say it?- swimming kind of place. You may just get a dirty look or two if you perform one-too-many breaststrokes and disturb the tanning process. You have been warned. All joking aside, Orchid has some of the tastiest cocktails and dishes of any beach in Lebanon. The impeccable service, the doting staff, the majestic all-white surroundings and the heavenly spa are all designed to provide you with the ultimate pampering experience and make you feel like a queen/king and they do.

Sure ruling over a country doesn’t come cheap (the entrance fee alone is a heft 33$) but sip a cocktail and you’ll soon forget. Weekends tend to be crowded so book ahead.


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