This beach is as laid-back as they come on the Jiyyeh shores. Look around : no stuffiness in sight!

We still remember when Jonas used to be a pristine strip of sandy white beach with a few stray towels laying here and there on account of the odd sun lover. A decade later, it has managed to maintain its authentic feel. This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a no-fuss beach day where you plan on reading, tanning or actually swimming- it’s not a given in some of the other beach resorts nearby.  

One of the rare spots where the main attraction is not to see or be seen, Jonas offers a refreshing alternative to the over-the-top Lebanese St Tropez vibe that can get to be a bit too much at times. That’s not to say the place has stagnated in the past few years.

Stepping up its game with an overdue make-over, the renovated venue now features a children’s swimming pool and play area, a semi-olympic adult pool, several bungalows and a good sea food restaurant. Entrance fees are more reasonable than at other nearby resorts.

Who goes? Everyone
Cuisine Seafood
Other Great Views Outdoor
Sport Beaches Sports Swimming

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