O Cap Beach Resort and Restaurant

Caribbean sea wooers have met their match right here in Lebanon, Rmeileh, a 25-km drive south of Beirut. Welcome to Ô Cap!

At Ô Cap, you’re caped-in among a monumental edgeless pool and scores of palm trees. Piers will direct you to the rocky shores of the Mediterranean for an easy breezy dip in the sea, while your ears take a break from city noise as lounge music takes turns with jazzy pop.This beach resort is different from the rest. Located in Rmeileh, slightly farther afield from the main “strip of resorts” in Jiyyeh, it is also one of the few rocky beaches out there. That’s not say the others have anything on Ô Cap.

From infinity pools to wet bars to Jacuzzis, expect the same full-service amenities as anywhere else in the area. The seafood restaurant blends charm, personal attention and professional service. Unlike in other beaches where the action dies down at sunset, evenings and nights are just about as exciting as days with pool parties known to be a common occurrence on the decks of Ô Cap. Anytime you’re in the mood for a change, drive ahead to Ô Cap!

Who goes? 21+
Cuisine Seafood
Sport Beaches Sports

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