Oceana Beach Resort

Adult-only fun in the sun. Hey, you gotta leave the little munchkins sometime.

La Suite-Oceana promises a beautiful day under the sun… for grown-ups only that is! Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing and all sorts of summer activities await.The trip starts right out of the Damour highway, taking the fork leading to Oceana. It's not just the noise of the city receding and fading away; it’s nature re-claiming its reign. Amidst lush banana fields leading up to the beach, a sense of peace will undoubtedly take hold of you.

A large (700 people-large) and decidedly wooden resort, with an asymmetric bar and all-white cabins, Oceana is sure to soothe any stress you may be feeling. Remember to book in advance as the place is usually crowded on weekends (yes, here in Lebanon, we reserve our spot on the beach…or the pool. Do with it what you will). If you’re up for a night on the beach, check out the events at Oceana: they’ve been known to party past midnight on occasion. Be sure to make time to visit the abandoned Damour Silk factory nearby. It’s not to be missed. 

Who goes? 21+
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