Hamra Bar Guide

The Hamra Bar Hopping Guide

Love it or hate it, there's good times to be had in Hamra if you know where to go.  If you're up for a pub crawling night, you can trek this list of 15 of our favourite bars and pubs in Hamra and meet some of the globe trotting liberals of Ras Beirut.  

Main street, Hamra


A staple in the bar scene of Beirut, Main street’s loyal following has followed this bar’s trajectory from Hamra to Downtown for its exceptional atmosphere and excellent menu.


Makdessi street - +96176680674


Hip pub, great food, live music.

Hamra Street - 71 293 015

Bistro Bar

The all-purpose bar that doubles as a café, restaurant, stage and much more! 


One bar three strikes: Friendly atmosphere, great food and a cool crowd!

hamra - +9611355955

La Palma

 Mexican Menu Restaurant Located in Makdessi Street, Hamra

Li Beirut

Charming bar with tiny balcony overlooks Makdisi Street

February 30

A venue that redefines the term "a crazy night out," Feb30 will have you thinking you walked in on a Mad Hatter’s tea party. But with a lot more alcohol.

Makdissi Street - 76 994 405

Rabbit Hole

I will never forget Rabbit Hole, as it was the last stop on my Bachelorette Party

De Prague

Chill hang-out place by day meets intimate lounge bar by night; DePrague has it all. 

Hamra - +9613575282

Dany's (Hamra)

Dany’s: Keeping it Simple

Metro al Madina

The place to see theatre, music and go out dancing in Hamra


Come & make your own Tale!

Makdesdi Str. - 70151328

La Rosso Resto/Pub

The most enjoyable resto/pub for a well spent night. 

History Bar

When Nostalgia for the Good old days kicks in, all you need is History Bar to set the Mood straight.

Alleyway Street - +961 70 078 187

The Twelve Bar

The 12 Bar.. The Home of Musicians

Makdessi Street - 03/886607
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