Michele Torr &Herve Vilard at Ehdeniyat

Ehdeniyat Festival 2016

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Herve Vilard is one of the most famous French pop singers. His rise to fame came in the 60’s; his first single "Capri c'est fini" became an international hit selling more than 3 million. Recently Vilard took the decision to resign and put an end to his career at the end of 2016. Ehdeniyat  is giving the French songs’ lovers the chance to attend one of the last concerts of a legend before he starts a well-deserved retirement. 
Michele Torr or the “triumph of sensuality” as she was called is a French singer and author. The singer with “the angelic face and the devil voice” was rewarded several times during her career where she sang love, passion and breakup. "Emmène-moi danser ce soir", "Une vague bleue", "La separation"… are unforgettable songs for a great strong singer and marked unforgettable moments during her career.

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