LMT 06 > Ehden - Ouadi Qannoubine

Ehden to Ouadi Qannoubine - 12.2 Km  North to South Ascent 370 m | Descent 948 m - Challenging 

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Trail Description
This section of the LMT begins in the historic village of Ehden, one of several entry points into the Qadisha Valley(وادي قاديشا ) world heritage site. The trail passes through the two major parts of this world heritage site: the Qozhaiya valley (وادي قزحيا ) where the monastery of Mar Antonios (دير مار أنطونيوس ) is located, and the Qannoubine valley, home to many historic monasteries and hermitages.  Most of the walking will be on footpaths, some of them quite steep. This portion of the trail is accessible all year long, and is a frequent destination for tourists and pilgrims. Hikers can visit the monasteries, often carved into the rock face, and the nearby oak forests.

Lodging in Ehden
La Reserve Ehden       
Tel: +961 6 561 092, +961 3 751292
Ehden Country Club
Tel: +961 6 560 651/2/3
Habchi Hotel   
Tel: +961 6 561 101/2
La Mairie (Ehden)
Tel: +961 6 560108

Lodging in Ouadi Qannoubine
Charbel El Qadi Guesthouse (Ouadi Qannoubine)
Tel: +961 3 489579
Monastery St Antonios Qizhayia (Ouadi Qozhaiya)
Tel: +961 6 995 504 
Qadicha Inn (Ouadi Qannoubine)
Tel:+961 3 683007
Saydet Qannoubine lodge (Ouadi Qannoubine)

Local Guides
Simon Maroun
Tel: +961 76 499986
Georges Zougeib (Hadet ej Jobbé)
Tel: +961 70 105546
Adel Azaour (Ehden)
Tel: +961 3 731 639
Pierre Germanos (Bcharre)
Tel: +961 3 378403


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