Taio Cruz at Ehdeniyat Festival

Singer, Songwriter & Music Producer, Taio Cruz topped the charts and became the winner of Brit Awards and Billboard awards several times

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Taio Cruz global smash hits “Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite” won him international success. 
With Incredible collaborations on successive singles such as “Higher” featuring Kylie Minogue, “Hangover” featuring Flo Rida, “Little Bad Girl” with David Guetta, and Dirty Picture featuring Kesha, Taio Cruz dominated the airwaves.
The young British singer wrote Hit Singles for Jennifer Lopez (I’m Into You) and David Guetta feat Usher (Without You) and solidified himself as one of the most sought after, triple-threat, artist writer and producers today.
Taio will be performing live in Ehdeniyat International Festival on August 18.

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