Hosn al Wazzani

Fancy an oasis set against the backdrop of barb wire and enemy troops? Hosn al Wazzani is for you: sitting defiantly on the edge of no man’s land, this resort is guaranteed to leave you…well baffled

Drive along the coastal shores of South Lebanon and admire the beautiful beaches and pristine scenery; and just when you think you’ve reached your destination, drive some more. Hosn al Wazzani is a bit of a wonder. Located on a former line of fire at the border of Israel, it may seem like the last place in Lebanon to spend a vacation and yet that is exactly what you are meant to do. Relax and unwind by the pool, have a glorious Lebanese feast alongside ducks joyfully nibbling at your food and toast a few glasses of Arak while noting the barbwire a few meters away in a daze. Open on the banks of the Wazzani River, whose waters have been at the center of a tug of war between Lebanon and Israel, the large resort caters to those looking for a decidedly intriguing escape from the city. In addition to the restaurant and pool, the place offers accommodations and a variety of activities to choose from. Be warned: non-Lebanese nationals will need security clearance from Army Intelligence to be able to access the location.

Who goes? Everyone
Cuisine Lebanese
Food Restaurants
Other Casual Dining Cheap eats Great Views Shisha

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