Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is not only a Nature reserve but also a Ramsar site.


Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is not only a Nature reserve but also a Ramsar site.
Located in Southern Lebanon expanding over 380 ha, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve remains the largest sandy beach in Lebanon.
Besides its importance for visitors’ entertainment, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve harbors many species of plants, animals and insects.
It is a nesting site for the endangered Loggerhead and green sea Turtle and the shelter of the Arabian spiny mouse and many other important creatures.
Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is of a particular importance for the following purpose:
-  Fresh water estuaries and springs that outflow to the sea thus creating fresh/marine water interface.
-  Habitat for sea turtles
-  Last and largest remaining sandy beach in Lebanon
-  Divided into three main zones:
   1- A beach zone
   2- A high conservation zone that includes the Phoenician springs of Ras El Ain.
   3- A large area for agriculture
Tyre Coast Reserve is cut into two segments by the Rashidiyeh Refugee camp.
Access to the Ras al-Ain beach part is limited since it disturbs wildlife. This section provides a freshwater habitat and the off-flow creates small areas rich in frogs and other amphibians. The inflow of fresh water creates brackish water rich in aquatic species.
On the other hand the northern part is open to the public for swimming and relaxation.

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