Ah the great outdoors!!…the best therapy for revitalizing the body, mind and soul!!

“Swings” is a large camping, picnic and activity space founded by Elias and Tony, siblings, to reconnect people with nature. It is located in a beautiful pine forest in Zaraaoun, an area with mild and breezy summer weather. After spending years with children teaching physical education, Elias felt that children were in need of an outdoor space to enjoy nature, equally do adults. He also says this is the best way to preserve a large forest, while making use of the land, without the need to destroy anything. 

Seeing as how Elias and Tony love nature so much, explains how they have managed to make it addictive to everyone, with their not so ordinary activities. Swings! Of course, but not like you imagine, one swing is huge, and carries 2 people simultaneously. Then there are the 360 swings, which don’t just swing back and forth but do a complete 360 turn, if you swing ‘em right! Tree climbing, crate climbing, archery, biking, rope course, human baby foot…the list goes on and on, and you can check it out on their website.

Another twist by swings, flying tents! These tents are hung in the air wrapped to trees and can carry up to 3 people. There are also regular tents in their large camping space and picnic tables in the picnic space. For those of you who like their food prepared, their cafeteria serves snacks, burgers and sandwiches. And I have to say, the toilets and showers are so surprisingly clean; you’ll forget you’re in nature.

There are organized group activities, such as Geo Caching, team building activities, and outdoor education for children 4+ and these are just a few of many. As they say at swings, it’s Simply Outdoors!

Who goes? Children under 12 Couples Everyone Seniors Singles Students Teenagers
Sport Camping Meditation Mountains Running

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