East Village

East village: New York? no this is Beirut!

Discretely hidden behind glass doors, in the vibrant street of Badaro, with their reputation spreading all over social media of the mouth-watering photos of their plates, East village has everything to please.

Dim lights, brick walls, wooden tables: an ambiance that transports you to Manhattan.

The menu is sophisticated as of an upscale restaurant yet chill atmosphere and attentive staff gives it a relaxed touch of come as you are!
We made sure to reserve earlier and were welcomed with lovely smiles.

We opted for:

Shrimp Kale ceasar: generous bowl filled with superfood from kale to lettuce and cherry tomatoes topped with grilled shrimps seasoned to enhance the taste of a scrumptious mixture

Bluefine tuna poké: Everything I love from my favorite tuna coated with a delicious dressing sweetened with mango cubes and topped with nori papers, black sesame and crispy mix: with each bite transporting you to the most exotic destination

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East Village

A refined New York dining experience that raises the bar for dining in Badaro

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