Crew Hut Cold Cuts (Mar Mikhael)

Badaro branch

Average Price per person: $15.00

I was totally disappointed with my experience. Lack of professionalism to the utmost.
I called to place a delivery order: the host was so lost and i had to repeat several times my order. I asked how long would it take he said around half an hour maximum. Few minutes later we get a call back that they had a problem with the server and we had to give AGAIN the order. More than one hour and half to get delivered less then average two salads with inadequate price tag:
- the strawberry goat cheese: as you imagine you will get an exotic salad while it was MEH
- quinoa chicken salad: under cooked quinoa and lacked flavors

What a mess!

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Crew Hut Cold Cuts (Mar Mikhael)

Where it's at for fresh fast food (yes that's a thing now)!

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