Karam Winery

Heaven to Earth to Grape to Artisanal Wine

Karam Winery of Jezzine, Lebanon is the tale of two brothers who grew up amid their ancestral vine estate in southern Lebanon. 
The eldest, would as a boy, gaze up at flying machines passing over vineyards with total mesmerization.
And an airline pilot he became, a successful venture that he loves to date. However, as he flew over vast vineyards, he found himself pondering over thoughts to be among the grapes.
The younger brother's passion for vineyards and their products urged him to become a successful fruit merchant in the U.S. and later, to become the Karam Winery importer and distributor for the D.C. and Maryland areas. 

Today, the winemaker and businessman, realizing more than ever their limitless passion for vineyards and its magical product that is wine, initiated Karam Winery.

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