Nicolas Audi a la maison d'Ixsir

Refined Lebanese food with a contemporary twist nestled within Ixsir wine country in Batroun


When Nicolas Audi – one of the best chefs and caterers in town- announced he would be opening his first restaurant in Ixsir, the excitement was palpable. The highly anticipated culinary match made in heaven did not disappoint. Open since fall 2014, the restaurant is already a hit with younger and older generations alike. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful green mountains of Basbina, the place is right out of a Lord of the Rings chapter. Getting there will give you a taste of things to come: a beautiful drive overlooking the coast on one hand and green mountains on the other. Peppered by olive trees, the restaurant’s surroundings are as breathtaking as the place itself. The beautiful stone house is an architectural gem to marvel at. While meals are served indoors (cooler in the summer), there is ample space to lounge on the outside terrace, a glass of Ixsir (Arabic name for elixir) wine in hand and take in the magical pull of nature. The a la carte menu served every Tuesday-Saturday and the Sunday lunch buffet promise to surprise and delight the savvy palate. With original creations combining fresh ingredients, traditional Lebanese dishes with a contemporary twist, any order at Ixsir is likely to be a safe bet. When you are ready to let go of your plate, wine tours are available with detailed explanations of the winemaking process and the place’s architectural design. Come rain or shine, Ixsir welcomes you with open doors and it’s an invitation you would ignore at your own risk.


Who goes? Everyone
Cuisine Lebanese
Drinks Winery
Food Restaurants
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