SanDance -The Beach Camp 'Believe' ►Summer 2016 farewell

We smiled at each others, we giggled, we danced, we hoped, we loved, we wished.

This event has finished

Together we imagined, we realized, & most of all, we BELIEVED!
We believed in the unity, in the dance and in all that blue, and for the last time this summer, we want to do it all  again with you ☺
SanDance - Believe -  will take place on  October 1 and 2,  so  prepare your tents and your dancing shoes as we will be camping & stomping on the shore until Sunday sunset to say one last goodbye to summer 2016 with your favorite artists and djs bringing you house , techno and a wider selection of Psytrance as promised ~*~ 
As for the daytime, to chill & relax , you can dance, tan or have some quality time with your friends and your furry companions to the sounds of Reggae, Dub & some real exceptional world music and chill out sets.

The flea market presents, as usual, a blend of amazingly talented individuals that we all love, endorse and love to support in their craft and path. 

The event features yoga sessions and workshops for relaxation and the contemplation of life, while taking care of Nature and preserving it as we always do.

Food & Drinks are allowed in, however you can also be served in the venue by the bar team & a varied snack resto.

Our crew is super excited for this last edition and we can’t wait to see your beautiful souls, old friends and new, your happy pets too.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never be able to find it”
                                                                        ~Join us~


* Diamond Setter ( House / techno )
* Fady Ferraye (House / techno )
* Pablo (House / techno )
* 'Dansz' ( House /Techno )
* Cryptic ( Forest night Psy ) 
* Zak ( Third Eye Arts / Psytrance )
* Dia ( Full on / night Psy)
* VSM ( Goa trance )
* Wave Walker ( Morning Psy )
* Nay A. ( Minimal / Progressive Psy )
* Skyral ( Psytrance )
* RadioWeebee ( Reggae / Dub )

More sound cooks to be announced & add variety to your experience

►► WORKSHOPS ( final list of workshops and sessions schedules will be published closer to the event date )

KUNDALINI DANCE with Asmaa Kanaan: We're psyched to bring you for the first time a discipline like no other, a way to bring out the most dormant parts of ourselves & dance them out
( Keep in mind that all you need, you have it inside yourself )

Here is a list of what you should get in order for you to be comfortable:
- Your favorite umbrella (choose the largest possible)
- Camping gear
- Towels
- Beach rug
- Beach Umbrellas (for shading over your tents)
& your favorite friends and pets!

You are allowed your food & drinks in, nevertheless we still encourage you to fully indulge in our food market and fresh bear bar :)

- Pool
- WC 
- Showers

Event’s rules and regulations.
We aim at giving an exceptional holistic experience while preserving the natural land we are camping in and use properly the premises and all the facilities available. 

In order to keep our attendees' safety and joy at its utmost we settle certain rules to respect the freedom of everyone; Yet irresponsible behavior can expose everyone to harm and negative feelings. 

You are kindly asked not to carry the following items in:
-anything that can be considered as a weapon
-Illegal substances are strictly banned at SanDance and anyone found with such will be escorted out immediately might be handed to the authorities.

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