Aleph at Dbayeh Festival

Dbayeh International Festival 2016

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THE EXPERIENCE OF A THOUSAND SHOWS AND THE THRILL OF THE FIRST. Following May 28th concert at one of the most of the top 3 most prestigious music stages in all Europe, l’Olympia de Paris, M2 with the collaboration of 8e Art will take the exact spirit of perfection to the Dbayeh International Festival featuring: - Marc Hatem, who is currently firing up the competition at the voice of France - Aleph and the 8e Art Artists joined on stage four of the most successful Spanish soloists in Europe; Yelsy Heredia, Diego Galaz, Paquito Gonzalez and Antonio Serrano. - L’Orient Andalou & Yasmina, Flamenco vs. Oriental. - Dia Quintet, Jazz & Gypsy Jazz all blended in with the oriental touch. - Kyra, music and dance.

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