Nancy Ajram & Assi Hellani at Cedars Festival

Cedars International Festival 2016

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Presenting in the second night of Cedars Festival, the two Lebanese stars, Assi El Hallani and Nancy Ajram.

Nancy Ajram is a Lebanese singer and multi-platinum recording artist. With the support of her father, Nancy began performing as a child and released her first studio album by the age of 15.

Assi El Hallani's musical career officially started after winning the Art Studio TV Program ‘’ Studio Al Fan “at the age of 17. He studied music for five years, from 1985 until 1990, at the Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon and specialized in playing the Oud (oriental guitar) and in singing techniques. He has starred in many concerts and festivals including the Jarash festival, the Carthage festival, and in a number of concerts around the Arab world, Europe and America. He has released more than 23 albums and 50 music videos and is firmly established as a major star in the Region.

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