Ollie Daze Slip n Fly

Camping, activities and more surprises!

This event has finished

Adrenaline lovers, tanners, campers, are all invited, and they'll all have one thing in common; heads up at the 60meter slip n fly.

Spend the day or camp in Laqlouq, grab a bite, have a beer, and enjoy the show.

$30 for a 2 day entrance and 2 free drinks
A 1 day entrance is counted as a 2 day fee
No food/alcohol allowed entering the event
Bar and food trucks available at all times
Free Access to all activities
Bring your own "bouée" ;)

Blob Bag
Slip n Slide
More surprises

Starting saturday noon till 2AM.
Sunday noon till sunset.
DJ lineup announced soon.

For those who wish to camp, please grab your tents and all the gear you need. Spots are first come first serve.

After Jbeil, take the laqlouq exit towards the slopes and follow the signs.
Grab your swimsuits and floats, and let the daze begin!

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