Sherine Abdel Wahab

Baalbeck International Festival 2016

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Sherine Abdel Wahhab, Sherine Ahmed, Egyptian singer, born on the 10th of October 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. She spent her childhood in a small neighborhood in Kalaa She graduated from the music academy with a degree in music. Shereen's first album in 2002 was with the singer Tamer Hosni produced by Free Music Production. It was her debut album; she had solo and duet songs. Her beginning was a huge success. 

In February 2007, she sang a duet with Hani Shaker; Qalbi leek" a song that joined the most romantic voices from the Arab world. In May 2007, "Ma Sherebtesh Men Nilha" was released and dedicated to her home country Egypt. 
She ended her contract with her former producer Nasr Mahrous and the Egyptian Musician association after many lawsuits. Shireen was banned to perform in Egypt because of the problems she faced with Mahrous. She performed in many festivals all around the world; her tour in USA in 2006 was a successful one and bonded the Arabs abroad.   
No matter how we praise Shereen, words won't describe truly the uniqueness of her voice. She reaches everyone's heart and builds a strong bond with her fans and audience. 

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