Dhour Choueir Hike

Dhour Choueir is one of Mount Lebanon's Most Favoured summer resorts. 

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At an altitude of 1200 m and with the presence of vast pine forests, it offers the best climate for everyone seeking fresh cool air.

It is a town with Many landmarks, Some dating Hundreds of years. You can see old caves, old mills, ancient bridges, natural water reservoirs, water springs, an old souk with stone paved passages, beautiful houses with old traditional arches ... and much more.

It is the birthplace of Antoun Saadeh Who founded the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party and of Tanios Bou Nader Khneisser, the father of the Sword & Shield Folkloric Dance.

Dhour El Choueir significant is for ict August yearly carnival, Honoring Lebanon's emigrants.

Our hike divided into three Will Be levels. All levels Will start from the main square of Dhour Choueir and end in Ain Assis.

LEVEL 2: (2.7 km) It is an easy hike starting from the main square of the town and passing through a dirt road leading to Ghwab and Tallet Ameid. You Will See old cellars on the way. Then the bus Will take you to the old souk of the town you-can-have a Where stroll in the narrow Passageways and contemplate the old houses and ancient arches. Will you pass by three water springs. Then You Will meet others in the Ain Assis.

LEVEL 4: (8 km) It is a moderate hike With Some uphill. Starting from the village square, passing through Ghwab and Tallet Ameid, You Will Then continue along a picturesque trail further Top Where You Will cross three water springs. Then You Will reach the old souk to discover the narrow Passageways and ancient houses. From there, You Will climb long staircase to get to Ain Assis. In this trail, You Will see the biggest tree qui Atlab is the symbol of Dhour Choueir.

LEVEL 6: (10 km) It is a hard hike with lots of uphill. After starting from the town square and passing by Ghwab and Tallet Ameid, take a track You Will That takes you to Ain el Sindyani, the Tallet el Baydar and Zaeem Where You Will See That Is the monument built in memory of Antoun Saadeh. The hike Will end in Ain Assis. Along this trail You Will discover interesting landmarks Such As an old bridge and water source.

WHERE: Dhour Choueir
                  Metn - Mount Lebanon
                  1200 m altitude
                  30 km from Beirut WHEN: Thursday, September 24

MEETING PLACE: 7:30 am in the parking lot of Wisdom School in Jdeideh, facing the public garden.

PRICE:  includes transportation, guides and insurance. Thank you for coming to the true account to facilitate registration.                  

WHAT TO GET: Get some light snacks That Will Boost up your energy Such As dried fruits. Pack your backpacks with water, lunch, a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Do not forget to get a jacket. 

BOOKING: It is preferable to send an SMS from your mobile, giving your name, surname, and the event you wish to join in.

NB: Sometimes, due to Reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program May Occur.
        Ecotourism rules must be Followed, personal Otherwise accidents won't be Accounted for by the insurance. 

Event directed and organised by Vamos Todos


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