Akasha Festival

Prepare to be escorted blissfully through dimensions of sound and visions that will tickle your senses and desires

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The festival will take place after the full moon of June; starting on the afternoon of the 5th till the afternoon of the 7th (5,6,7) we will escort you blissfully through dimensions of sound and visions that will tickle your senses and desires. We are pleased and honored to have gathered a lineup of great artists and musicians who so eagerly are collaborating to offer their talents and energies to ignite all that is within you. 

The local talents were chosen based on their unconditional love for the music  and impeccable taste. 
The international acts were carefully chosen to widen your horizon of the perception of sound and how it can elevate and transform.

We added an alternative fat lazy stage in the midst of the heart of the forest, where you can Chill and roam in the enchanting greens and breathtaking view of the mountains. It’s a place where you’ll get transported to get twisted with the sexy rhythms of liquid drum and bass and some raw dub step sounds.

So get ready for the voyage and let’s rave !!!

We start off on Friday and welcome you to set up your tents with downtempo beats playing in the background. Later on at the main stage, a beautiful array of ambidellic sounds followed with an interesting twist of electronic beats and some unique techno waves warm up the rebellious dancer lying within you and prepare you for the life changing  psychedelic journey you will embark on through out the night and into the light. 

On our alternative stage (starting 9 am - 4 pm Saturday and Sunday) you will process the epiphanies of the night before and witness the other side of sound experimentation through a special collaboration of our featured artists and their alternative deep and raw baselines.

Saturday afternoon, We return, one more time, to our psychedelic circus with downtempo beats and melodies that will prepare us for  our date with the sounds and harmonies of the Dark Forest Trance 

In our thrive to offer you, our dancers, a journey to remember, We carefully and wholeheartedly picked the following maestros to lead this orchestra.

See you in Akasha ! 




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