Earth Wind & Fire in Baalbek

"The Powerlight pioneers have been burning for nearly half a century now—and the flames have yet to flicker out."

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Disco Funk Concert 
Steps of Bacchus Temple

The world-famous band that created some of the most timeless classics of disco, soul & funk music of all time, the Earth Wind & Fire Experience, led by Al Mckay, the major producer & co-writer of the extraordinary hits that gave rise to this whole genre of music, such as September, Magic Mind, Saturday Night and many others. With 8 award-winning albums spanning a remarkable career, the band’s music has also appeared as part of the score of several films, such as The Intouchables with Omar Sy(2011), Babel with Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett (2006), and Hitch with Will Smith(2005).

After their world tour, having played at the Montreux festival, Blue Note Tokyo, the Vienna festival, the Port Düsseldorf Festival in Germany... this big band will set the stage on fire at the Acropolis of Baalbeck with their sublime groove and funky hits.

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