Hindi Zahra

"It’s an impressive set that shows off her fine, controlled vocals on cool torch ballads in English and French, flamenco-influenced compositions and, best of all, desert blues." - The Guardian magazine.

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After selling more than 100,000 albums, playing 400 concerts, winning a Constantin Prize as well as the Victoire de la musique honour for world’s best music album and a magnificently rendered “Beautiful Tango,” the young vocalist Hindi Zahra, more radiant than ever, has come out with her new album Homeland. A master of hybridism, Zahra sings in English, French and Berber. Her throaty voice with its warm timbre is often compared to Billy Holiday’s, backed by an accomplished mix of Moroccan and Brazilian influences, tinged with jazz, blues, soul and folk rhythms. Let yourself be soothed by Hindi’s magical voice, melodies and lyrics, all set to the skill of her musicians.

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Music Blues French songs Jazz Latin
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Who goes? 21+

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